"An experienced firm, with state-of-the art technology" 

Our Services

  • Water Savings Strategies

    HWT leads the way in designing condenser water-savings strategies for facilities.  Through our initial development of water treatment remote monitoring and control, and our continued partnership with Aqualogix, Inc., our designs save millions of gallons of water and sewerage annually.    

  • Program Management

    The key to a successful water treatment program lies  in its managment.  HWT provides management services that range from bid assistance to outsourced ongoing oversight of the client's water treatment providers.

    Our years of experience in remote monitoring enable us to provide daily support for a site ... even when it is thousands of miles away.  

  • Cooling Water

    In the 1970s, HWT did pioneering work in the use of molybdate-based cooling water treatments.  Now, with the use of computer-modeling software, laboratory research, and field trials, we have achieved great success with all-organic inhibitors ... at the lowest possible dosages.  This work not only provides superior protection for our clients, but greatly reduces the discharge of chemicals to the environment.    

  • Steam Systems

    From high-pressure steam turbines to laboratory clean-steam  systems, HWT has assisted our clients in identifying and meeting their steam quality requirements.  

    Using Aqualogix technology, our boiler water treatment  designs deliver a higher standard of control, and minimize operator exposure to chemicals. 

  • High-Purity Water Systems

    From desalination to pharmaceutical water, HWT has  the experience in the design and support of high-purity water systems.  Our work includes reverse osmosis (RO), EDI, nanofilltration, ultrafiltration, and ion-exchange demineralization systems.  Additionally, we have considerable experience with ozone and UV disinfections systems. 

  • Corrosion Studies

    Using electronic and traditional corrosion monitoring techniques, HWT assists our clients in identifying problem areas, before system or piping failure occurs. Our custom-designed corrosion monitoring station enables us to provide a comoprehensive evaluation of any ongoing corrosion, as well as the ability to field-trial methods of corrosion inhibition.